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Palm Aire Communities Council

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What became Palm-Aire was just a huge empty field until the mid-1950s when development began.​


In due course, the land became 27 residential neighborhoods with more than 2,400 homes. Unlike today's Master Planned Communities with centralized governances, each neighborhood had its own governing association and board of directors.


Within a few years, it became apparent that the neighborhoods needed to speak and act sometimes with a common voice for the good of the whole community. And so a “Council of Presidents” was established. Matters of common concern were brought before that body to develop recommendations or decisions and to deal effectively with the county and public agencies on area issues.


The group was chartered as a non-profit corporation with its own bylaws. Membership was voluntary; Each association could refuse to join or could resign its membership. There were one representative and one vote for each neighborhood association.


The Council’s nature and role changed somewhat as the community matured, and in due course, the name was changed to “Palm-Aire Community Action Council.”In 2000 it became “Palm-Aire Communities Council.”The original 27 neighborhoods have been joined in the membership by a few others, and by the Country Club.


Each year a budget is approved and each member neighborhood pays a share based on its population.



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